Traditional Media

Bus Advertising

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Deliver your message all over town and get mass audience exposure! Bus advertising is an effective and cost efficient form of media that offers a great way to reach the urban audience and get your message throughout a community - all day and all night. As buses circulate the city landscape and outlying suburban areas your creative message will be seen multiple times and by thousands of people in cars as well as pedestrians. There are many forms and sizes of bus media to choose from. From full bus wraps to interior cards - bus media can accommodate any advertising budget. And in some markets there is the opportunity to advertise on digital LED bus displays.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Bus Benches

The cousin to Transit Shelters, bus bench advertising reaches pedestrian and vehicular traffic, as well as bus riders. They are located at bus stops within mainly metropolitan and congested urban environments though can also be found in rural markets. They consist of full color posters affixed to the backrest of the bus bench; the seat can also be used as a media surface as well. Bus bench media is very cost effective for both space and production, though is limited in certain markets as transit shelters have been replacing them over the years.

Cost Effective Media!


Cinema/Movie Theater

Going to the movies is the original social platform and is America’s #1 leisure activity; over 43 million Americans go to the movies per month. Cinema delivers advertisers a targeted marketing opportunity in a unique environment comprised of young, affluent, and well educated consumers who aren’t distracted by telephones, remote-control devices, electronic media, or many other daily tasks. With an attentive audience, multiple consumer touch points, and the flexibility for entertaining pre-shows or lobby displays cinema ads can be very effective at getting your target audience's attention — at a time when they are open and relaxed.

Coffee Sleeves

There is no other media that can put your message directly in the hands of your consumer for almost an entire hour and that is so highly cost effective and targetable. Coffee Sleeve advertising transforms a daily American Habit into an unprecedented advertising platform for building a one-to-one connection with the most qualified consumers as they travel, work, and play. These walking “mini billboards” are transported throughout the consumer’s routine; they are seen on the street, in the subway, at the office, in a meeting, and typically will end their journey right next to a computer. There are over 300,000 distribution locations* nationwide which makes this media highly targetable to any specific audience. You want to reach college students, the wealthy, working professionals, traveling business people, medical professionals, the commuting workforce, or simply the average convenience store consumer? No problem – we can make that happen!  

*Starbucks and most national chains do not participate in coffee sleeve advertising


Engage With The Cafe Audience

Want a venue to interact with your audience? Free Coffee Day events are the perfect opportunity to do that! Buy your audience a cup of coffee and engage directly with them. Free coffee days are designed to create buzz and excitement during your coffee sleeve campaign in the café of your choice. This is a great way for your staff to personally interact with the café audience creating a fun, engaging atmosphere. Opportunities include demonstrations, product sampling, distributing promotional items and information. Events are pre-promoted a few days before with posters and signage to invite customers to “Get a FREE cup of coffee provided by……..”
  • Elements Include:
  • Each event is 2-3 hours providing 200 cups of coffee to the café audience
  • Tables and displays for advertisers to display products.
  • Balloons and signage throughout the cafe.
  • Dedicated staff to organize and execute each promotion

Cost Effective and Highly Targetable

Coffee sleeve advertising is a very cost effective media that has the ability to reach almost any desired consumer in any market. Give us a call and let's explore your options! 877-544-OUTDOOR (6883)

Commuter Rail/Rapid

Do you want to target the commuting workforce? If so, then commuter rail, rapid transit, subway, and ferry boat advertising is the media you are looking for. Throughout these commuter transit options there are a range of advertising formats to include dioramas, platform posters, (printed and backlit), interior car cards, wrapped poles, stairways, walls and turnstiles, floor graphics, kiosks, entrance displays, station clocks, mini-spectaculars, giant transparencies, banners, wall murals and more. With this media you have a captive audience for extended periods of time, especially with interior posters and cards.

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are like huge TV screens on the side of the road; they are bright, brilliant, and come in all shapes and sizes, though typically measure the same size of a bulletin – 14’x48’. With digital billboard advertising an advertiser shares the space with other advertisers with an average advertising loop of eight slots with each ad displaying for 8-10 seconds. The main advantages of digital billboard advertising is there are no costs to produce and ship the creative, the creative is simply a digital file uploaded to a server and an advertiser can run multiple different creative files in their slot and they can change the ads anytime and as often as needed. The flexibility of creative change outs is unparalleled compared to static billboards.

Direct Mail

Direct mail, also known as targeted mailing, allows for advertisers to physically place their message in the customers’ hands and encourages interaction. A direct mail campaign is a highly targetable media that can target consumers either addressed to pre-selected individuals, or unaddressed and delivered to pre-selected areas. Along with an engaging message, you can make an unforgettable impression by incorporating elements that actively involve the customer, like stickers, and coupons. This media is one of the few channels that provide the ability to track the success of a campaign. By tracking and analyzing results, an advertiser can see what's working and can make adjustments to future mailings if needed. Another highly effective media option related to direct mail media is Door Hangers

Gas Pump-Tops

With gas stations on practically every street corner and anyone who drives needing fuel on a regular basis this media makes sense! Reach your consumer through this highly targeted and cost effective platform. Gas pump-top advertising offers the ability to put your message directly in front of your audience for extended periods of time; the average time your message is in front of the consumer while they fill their vehicle is 5-8 minutes – that’s a long time for them to absorb your message! Can’t find a billboard, or are they too expensive in the market you want to target? Gas pump-top “mini billboards” are the perfect cost effective media to reach your target audience for an extended period of time. They offer an up close and eye level connection with the consumer and can be highly targeted geographically. There also is the opportunity to add a tear pad to the creative for a take away component to your campaign. Tear pads can be used for a coupon offer or just so the consumer has something to take with them to refer back to your ad. Tear pads are a highly recommended component to a pump-top campaign.

Advantages of Gas Station Advertising

  • Geographic Targeting - Target by any parameter of your choice - cities, counties, zip codes, neighborhoods, HHI, or street level
  • Cost Effective - Low cost for both space & production
  • High Visibility - Eye level and in front of your target audience
  • Extended Dwell Time - Directly in front of the consumer for 3-8 minutes
  • Take-Away Component - Add tear pads to the creative for a take away component to your program

Mobile Billboards

Take your message directly to the audience. Mobile billboard advertising allows for your message to be driven directly to your audience. They can be used as a substitute where static billboards are non-existent or the inventory is booked and unavailable. With full control over the routes they drive (or locations they park) and the hours they operate, mobile billboard advertising provides highly effective and targeted media campaigns. Not only are mobile billboards double sided for maximum effectiveness they also have on-board speaker systems to offer an audio component to any campaign. Mobile billboards create a buzz and are excellent for trade shows, product launches or grand openings, recruitment campaigns, directional response, or simply branding.

News Racks

News Rack advertising is another form of street furniture and is positioned in high traffic (both pedestrian and vehicular) urban markets. Street level and line of sight alignment gives advertisers a dominate presence in crowded environments. News rack media is available in limited markets throughout the country.


Static Billboards

National Outdoor Media, LLC is your one-call resource for billboards in any market.  We have the largest inventory at the lowest rates in every state, city, and county coast-to-coast, and because we have formed strategic partnerships with the numerous companies owning the space, those partnerships guarantees us the absolute lowest rates on both space and production, which we pass on to our valued clients – consider us your billboard resource!  With over 500,000 billboards nationwide, owned and operated by hundreds of different companies we take the work out of finding open and available locations.


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  Now for the facts…… There are over 500,000 billboards nationwide, owned and operated by hundreds of different companies and they come in many different sizes and shapes and are either static or digital.  Static billboards are the most common, though digital inventory is rapidly growing across the country.  Below we will discuss the different types of static billboards…… and don’t forget – you have found the experts in billboard advertising!


Bulletins are the largest and most impactful of the various out-of-home media formats. Located primarily on major roads, interstates, and highways they offer the highest level of consumer exposure (eyeballs) mainly because of the high-density roads they are towering over. A typical bulletin is 14’x48’, though some can measure 20’x60’ or 10’x40’ in certain markets. They can also be “customized” through extensions and embellishments as well.


Posters (sometimes referred to as 30-sheet or 8-sheet) are more of a “surface street” and urban neighborhood product located in commercial, industrial, and residential areas of a market. They are viewed principally by people in automobiles or pedestrians and deliver exposure to residents and to commuter traffic. Because of their reduced cost compared to bulletins advertisers can, for the same budget, blanket a community with their messages.

Outdoor Advertising - NOT just Billboards

Outdoor advertising is not just billboards; in addition to billboards, or instead of billboards, we also recommend Truckside Advertising, Mobile Billboards, Gas Pump-Top mini billboards, Transit Shelters, Bus Advertising and many more out-of-home products. Give us a call, drop us an email, or chat live now with one of our consultants and let us know your needs and goals and we’ll consult with you and determine the most cost effective way to meet those needs and goals.

Street Furniture

Street furniture advertising encompasses many different formats that are all positioned in close proximity to pedestrians and shoppers for eye-level viewing, or at curbside to target vehicular traffic. Many of these advertising displays provide a public service and include but are not limited to transit shelters, bus benches, news racks, payphone kiosks, and freestanding advertising panels. Depending on the market, some or all these media formats are available and considered an excellent way to reach a specific audience especially when there is limited advertising space available.

Transit Shelters

Transit shelters, also known as Bus shelters, offer uncluttered showcases for advertising. Magazine quality 4’x6’ posters are mounted in glass, backlit frames and provide 24 hour visibility to vehicular and pedestrian traffic at high-circulation locations, usually along main roadways of metropolitan markets. Transit shelters are used to reach mainly metropolitan audiences in congested urban environments though can also be found in rural markets. If billboards are not available or simply too costly in your market, then transit shelter media is an excellent alternative option.

Truckside Advertising

The concept of truckside advertising has been gaining recognition over the years and is considered a highly targetable and cost effective alternative to traditional billboard advertising. You get 3 moving billboards on the streets for a fraction of the cost of a single stationary billboard. Like traditional outdoor advertising, truckside billboards provide three large, high-impact visual panels to convey your message throughout a market. It is a hybrid of traditional outdoor and transit advertising to provide the size and impact of traditional billboards with the mobility of transit advertising. Unlike mobile billboards, where an advertiser has full control over where the trucks drive and park, truckside billboards are delivery trucks driving specific routs makeing local deliveries to big box retailers, grocery and convenience stores, schools, and office buildings. They spend a good part of their day traveling on the major interstates and thoroughfares; though also travel many of the city arterials and surface streets. This market wide coverage provides a large number of impressions…… all at a fraction of the cost of one stationary billboard.

Wallscapes/Building Wraps

Think BIG!! Wall murals, known as wallscapes, are advertisements painted directly on building surfaces or printed vinyl and attached to walls. These huge billboards accommodate a wide variety of unusual creative sizes and shapes and have high exposure and visibility to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Often located in busy and congested urban areas on major freeways and highways, on commuter and tourist routes, and in downtown business districts, wall murals are custom-designed for BIG exposure.