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National Outdoor Media, LLC is your one-call resource for billboards in any market.  We have the largest inventory at the lowest rates in every state, city, and county coast-to-coast, and because we have formed strategic partnerships with the numerous companies owning the space, those partnerships guarantees us the absolute lowest rates on both space and production, which we pass on to our valued clients – consider us your billboard resource!  With over 500,000 billboards nationwide, owned and operated by hundreds of different companies we take the work out of finding open and available locations.


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Now for the facts…… There are over 500,000 billboards nationwide, owned and operated by hundreds of different companies and they come in many different sizes and shapes and are either static or digital.  Static billboards are the most common, though digital inventory is rapidly growing across the country.  Below we will discuss the different types of static billboards…… and don’t forget – you have found the experts in billboard advertising!


Bulletins are the largest and most impactful of the various out-of-home media formats. Located primarily on major roads, interstates, and highways they offer the highest level of consumer exposure (eyeballs) mainly because of the high-density roads they are towering over. A typical bulletin is 14’x48’, though some can measure 20’x60’ or 10’x40’ in certain markets. They can also be “customized” through extensions and embellishments as well.


Posters (sometimes referred to as 30-sheet or 8-sheet) are more of a “surface street” and urban neighborhood product located in commercial, industrial, and residential areas of a market. They are viewed principally by people in automobiles or pedestrians and deliver exposure to residents and to commuter traffic. Because of their reduced cost compared to bulletins advertisers can, for the same budget, blanket a community with their messages.

Outdoor Advertising - NOT just Billboards

Outdoor advertising is not just billboards; in addition to billboards, or instead of billboards, we also recommend Truckside Advertising, Mobile Billboards, Gas Pump-Top mini billboards, Transit Shelters, Bus Advertising and many more out-of-home products. Give us a call, drop us an email, or chat live now with one of our consultants and let us know your needs and goals and we’ll consult with you and determine the most cost effective way to meet those needs and goals.